Virtual Classroom by Charles Robertson

“Classroom”, developed by programming guru Charles Robertson, is a digital communication platform, allowing users to engage in learning activities via a range of custom built tools & industry standard applications. The project took over two years to develop and allows subscribers to receive expert tuition in a number of different activities.

For students
Students may book an unlimited amount of lesson, workshop or course types from our public booking calendar. This can be located by pressing the ‘Book On-line’ button, found in the main navigation menu on the home page. A set of search filters makes the task of finding a student’s perfect teacher, location or subject, quick and easy.

For Teachers
classroom offers a broad range of services for Teachers, via the use of our comprehensive, bespoke content management system [CMS]. Our CMS, is held on a secure server, using the latest encryption technologies. This provides a safe area to store all your classroom related data & files. Teachers may create an unlimited amount of lesson, workshop or course types in our lesson categories section. These can then be added to the teacher schedule calendar, for students to book, on the public website.

Why not sign up and take your education to another level? Check out the website at: